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What is a Super URL?

Updated 1 year ago

Super URLs are unique URLs that you can use to drive external traffic and conversions to your Amazon listing.  This will help boost Amazon’s algorithm and drive rank for specific keywords that you target. In Super URLs you can embed specific keywords so that Amazon will attribute sales against the targeted keywords.

Explain me a Super Url a bit more!

Lets say you are selling a screen protector for Samsung S6, and you need a short link that will lead to that product. You also want to determine what keywords to use to make Amazon think that users are searching for and then clicking on your listings (lets say: screen, protector and S6).

So, now you have an ability to generate a short link that will lead to your screen protector, and Amazon will think someone searched for “screen protector S6”, and in the results clicked on your product as most desirable. Amazon search engine will make that keywords more relevant for your product. This will greatly improve your product ranking.

Also, you can embed a retargeting pixel into each link that you shorten. After you collect data and build audiences, you can then retarget all people that clicked on your link (Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads…).

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