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How to add your first SuperURL?

Updated 8 months ago

Open the SuperURLs tool and click  on Add SuperURL button:

Select the type of your SuperURL:

  • Super URL
    Most standard URL that replicates a search for a given product rotating and targeting the keywords you want your listing to rank.
  • Super URL 2.0
    2-Step URL that restricts products through an ASIN and a keyword.
  • 2-Step Brand URL
    Drive people to visit all the products in your brand organically. Refine the results by entering product keywords, ASINs, and price points for the products you would like to rank.
  • 2-Step Storefront URL
    Similar to the 2 Step Brand URL, but instead, it filters your product using your storefront, and attributes keywords that are tied directly to your product’s title.
  • Review URL
    Send customers to the ‘Create a Review’ page for your targeted ASINs with the five-star rating already pre-filled.
  • Add to cart URL
    Send customers directly to the ‘Add to Cart’ page of your product on Amazon. Great when you are running ad campaigns on social media where people are interested in buying your product.
  • Plain Amazon URL
    Simple redirection link to your Amazon product listing (without Super URL modifications). Get full statistic and embed a pixel for retargeting purposes.
  • Plain URL
    Redirect link for any non-Amazon related URLs. Great for blogs, articles and personal web store. By embedding a pixel you will be able to track visitors and continue your marketing with them in other places.

Fill the fields necessary to generate the link:

Name field:
Name field is for you, so you know what for is that SuperURL  in the list of all SuperURLs. Only you can see it and you can put there anything you like.

Slug is the ending part of the url, for example, in www.amz.one/p/iphonemask word iphonemask is the slug. You can leave it blank and we will generate random one. Please note that you can not change slug later. Also, that word must be unique  so if somebody else used it before, you can not.
Associate tag: 
Use Associate tag so you can group/filter SuperURLs later per that tag.
Merchant ID:  
For Merchant ID, please check here: 
Can be left empty. Use it if there are multiple sellers with the same product/ASIN.

ASINs (list):
If you generated promo codes just for one variation, select just that ASIN. Otherwise,  select all.

We will rotate between selected keywords, so you can add multiple keywords.  No need to put more then 7-8 of them. There must be at least one keyword in basic SuperUrls.

Amazon Affiliate ID:
If you are an Affiliate with Amazon, you can add your affiliate id here and get sale percentage from Amazon.

To see URL report, please click on View report icon next to the SuperURL:

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