Start your first Promotion

Written by Gordan Vasilic
Updated 1 year ago

If you are Buyer, please go to: 

1. Generate your promo codes

Always use “One-time use claim codes”. Read these instructions for promo code generation. 

2. Add product to Promotion tool

Log in to and enter the Promotions tool on the left. If you haven’t done it already, add your product by clicking on Add product button.

3. Find your product in the list and click on the Edit promotion icon on the right 

Use a product name filter if you have a lot of products!

4. Enter product details

In the pop-up window, in “Product details” enter campaign details.  Please note that the “Short URL” field can not be left empty. Also, if Support Email is left empty, default user Email address is used. Click on the Continue button to go to the next step. 

5. Set campaign duration and product promo price

In “Promo duration and price” set the start and end date for your campaign.  When setting the price, we recommend you to use “Flat” for the discount type, so you only need to set Discounted Price field.

If you select Shipping as Fulfilled by the merchant, please enter Est. shipping price.

6. Add  promo codes

Click on ADD CODES button to enter your promo codes. Please make sure that every code is in a new row.

7. Check final design

On these tabs, you can check how your product is going to be presented to the Buyer via email and on the website. 

8. Continue to the last step and Save the promotion

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