Why do I need Amazon Product Alerts tool?

Do I need a tool to monitor my (or competitors) Amazon Listings?
Written by Gordan Vasilic
Updated 2 years ago

No. And yes. If you have a lot of spare time, then no, you do not need a tool to monitor products on Amazon. But if you want to run your Amazon business as a pro, you do not want to waste your time on these trivial and time consuming jobs.

Being notified of critical events is the Key to your Amazon Business and we’ve got a solution to automate that.


Just start our Product Alerts tool and choose the types of product changes you want to monitor and how often you want to be notified of those changes. You can track up to 600 products on Amazon, depending on Plan (custom plans available upon request).

What can I track?

  • Availability - Monitor if your listing is available on Amazon
  • Best Seller - Tracks your best seller category rank changes with a configurable threshold
  • Buy Box - Monitor if Buy Box is changed
  • Category - Monitor if the category has changed for your listing
  • Description - Monitor if the description has changed for your listing
  • Feature bullets - Monitor if the bullet points have changed for your listing
  • Hijackers/New sellers - Monitor if there are new leechers
  • Images - Monitor if images have changed for your listing
  • Important information - Monitor if the important information has changed for your listing
  • Price - Monitor if the price has changed for that ASIN including prices offered by other merchants
  • Reviews - Monitor activity on reviews for your listing
  • Suppression - Monitor if your listing is removed from Amazon
  • Title - Monitor if the title has changed for your listing
Do you need Keyword and Sales rank notifications, detailed Hijacker/Competitor history or Negative Reviews alerts, we have that covered in other tools. Please check them out.

Can I assign specific alerts to specific people?

Yes, you can do business automation and assign different agents for every alert.

Can I track products on Amazon that are not mine?


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